Over the years, the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (MRTF) has shown tremendous stewardship of the funds it brings in through donations, membership dues, and registration fees. These funds have been multiplied through investment in the following endowments which provide a permanent mechanism to support turfgrass research and education at Purdue University for the life of the program. We invite you to be a part of this legacy by contributing to one of the below items.


This donation item goes toward the current projects that the MRTF Board has deemed a priority to advance the turfgrass industry. This donation item supports turf researchers at Purdue University. This donation item supports the turf students at Purdue University.
The goals of this project are to improve safety by strategically locating and defining incompatible functions, empower individual users to advance research through the creation of functional spaces and operational efficiency, and promote engagement through improved group spaces with greater access to varied modes of communication. All funds donated to this endowment will be directed toward capital equipment purchases at the W.H. Daniel Turf Research & Diagnostic Center, where four researchers (from turf science, botany, and entomology) all conduct research with the intent to advance the turfgrass industry. All funds donated to this endowment will support the turf students at Purdue University by reimbursing their travel to different events that will increase their education, experience, and overall potential to be successful in this field.
This program will help enhance the sustainability of golf courses and improve playing conditions through the funding of turf research and education at Purdue University. The MRTF is looking for public and private courses to contribute financially through one of our many flexible options. All funds donated to this endowment will be directed toward general operating expenses at the W.H. Daniel Turf Research & Diagnostic Center, where four researchers (from turf science, botany, and entomology) all conduct research with the intent to advance the turfgrass industry The MRTF awards deserving graduate and undergraduate students in the turf program at Purdue University scholarships every year to relinquish some of the financial weight on their way to success and potentially advance them into the turfgrass industry.


Currently, the plan for all undirected funds is for them to be appointed to the Daniel Turf Center Expansion project, but in the case that the project does not happen, the Board of Directors will allocate funds appropriately. See the MRTF Donor Privacy Policy below.



Tax Information

Giving to Purdue can bring several tax advantages. Although you should always speak to your accountant or attorney regarding your taxes, this general information may help you make a decision about how or when to give.

State of Indiana College Tax Credit

Indiana taxpayers may take a tax credit of half (50 percent) of their gift to Purdue. For a joint return, the maximum credit is $200 (based on a gift of $400 or more), and for a single return, the maximum credit is $100 (for a gift of $200 or more). The tax credit directly reduces the “bottom line” of your state income tax by reducing the amount you owe in taxes. All it takes is your gift to Purdue and one simple form, the Indiana CC-40.

Federal Tax Advantages

Contributions to the Purdue Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are deductible up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income, with any carryover applied within five years. For example, the net cost of a $1,000 cash gift to a donor in the 35 percent marginal tax bracket is only $650 after the $350 tax savings.


MRTF Donor Privacy Policy

The MRTF is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our donors’ personal information. Our Donor Privacy Policy is designed to provide transparency about how we collect, use, and protect the information generously shared by our supporters.

When donors engage with us, voluntarily providing details such as names, contact information, donation amounts, and payment details, we ensure that this information is exclusively used for processing donations, expressing gratitude for contributions, and keeping donors informed about the impactful initiatives and events undertaken by the MRTF. Importantly, we want to reassure our donors that we do not sell, trade, or share their information with third parties for marketing purposes.

The security of donor information is a top priority for us. We employ industry-standard security measures, including secure data storage, restricted access protocols, and encryption for online transactions. This helps maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data we collect.

We respect our donors’ choices and provide an opt-out option for those who wish to discontinue receiving communications from us. This can be easily done by contacting us directly or using the provided unsubscribe link in our electronic communications.

In certain instances, we may utilize third-party service providers to assist with donation processing or the management of donor information. Rest assured, these providers are carefully selected, and we ensure they adhere to the same rigorous standards of privacy and security that we maintain internally.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations concerning donor privacy is non-negotiable for us. While we prioritize protecting donor information, there may be situations where legal requirements necessitate disclosure.

As part of our commitment to transparency, this Donor Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices or to align with evolving legal requirements. Donors will be promptly notified of any significant changes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Donor Privacy Policy, we encourage you to reach out to us at admin@mrtf.org. We deeply appreciate and value the trust our donors place in the MRTF.