The MRTF has been planning this expansion project since July 2021. The need to expand the current building space comes from the need to increase the safety of our facility while also expanding our capacity to do research. The expansion will also aim to enhance student learning and improve extension programming.

The bottom line is: the researchers have outgrown their current facility. While the research program has grown, the facility has not. This has resulted in safety and storage issues, numerous inefficiencies, and reduced learning opportunities.

What Does the New Project Entail?

The new project will construct a new Operation and Maintenance building west of the current structure with pesticide mixing and storage areas. Once complete, the west half of the existing building will be renovated, adding a second classroom and additional researcher workspaces. A study has been paid for by Purdue’s HLA Department and a plan with pricing has been put together for review.

How Can You Help?

We can’t break ground on this crucial project until we raise the funds needed for this $1.9M project. The MRTF will be providing a large gift toward the project, but we still need your help! All sized gifts matter. The turf science researchers and the MRTF want to thank you for your consideration and a special thank you goes out to all who have already chosen to support this amazing project.