MRTF Finance Update

Have you ever wondered how the MRTF operates or where your membership dues, registration income, or donation ends up? I wanted to share our FY25 budget with you and show you how your involvement in the MRTF makes a difference.

The MRTF is governed by a diverse board of directors (lawn, golf, sports, distributors, etc.) made up of your peers in the industry. This board of directors, provides guidance and direction for the executive committee and for our Purdue Turf Program. The overall mission of the MRTF is to support turf research and education at Purdue University for the advancement of the turfgrass industry. Since 1945, the MRTF has been fulfilling this mission.

To help carry out the MRTF mission, the board directs funds for turf research at Purdue University, supports the W.H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center operating budget, sustains turf research through endowments at Purdue University, champions student scholarships, offers educational and networking opportunities, informs and engages its membership, recognizes the service achievements and professionalism of members, and advocates for our industry with the legislature. That’s a lot!

Where in the world do we get the funds to accomplish all of those services that support our mission? From you! Your membership dues, registration fees, and donations all go to support our mission. Furthermore, the MRTF board of directors makes every effort to steward well the income it receives.

From our 2024-2025 FY budget, the MRTF is budgeting to direct 51% of its revenue towards research. This amounted to approximately $145,150 for the Daniel Turf Center, research projects, or savings for the turf center expansion project. By keeping our education event costs (24% of budget) to a minimum, we maximize our ability to support turf research.  Furthermore, we have minimal administrative costs compared to most foundations spending only 14% of our budget. Except for our Executive Secretary, all other positions on the MRTF board of directors are voluntary including my position as Executive Director. This keeps our costs low and maximizes our impact. We also invested $9,000 towards student-related projects (scholarship growth or travel) plus another $9,000 towards scholarships through our endowments. We spend about $11,250 annually (~4% of budget) on member services such as membership renewal (print & postage), award receptions, and new advocacy efforts. Last but not least, we incur about $10,150 a year in foundation expenses (accounting, insurance, etc.) necessary to maintain our 501(c)3 status and keep the foundation functioning well. Aside from this planned budget, our balance sheet is reflective of a health organization.

I trust this financial overview provides you some more insight into how the MRTF operates and the impact that your participation makes. We work diligently to be good stewards of the dollars you contribute annually to the foundation. I hope that you will think about the impact your dollars make each time you renew your membership, register for an event, or provide a donation.


Thank you for your support!

Dr. Aaron Patton, MRTF Executive Director

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